Helpful Resources

Here is a running list of helpful resources talked about at WordPress Mason that will help you be amazing at WordPress:


  • Akismet – Plugin (included with WordPress) that helps filter out spam comments.
  • Black Studio TinyMCE Widget – Hate having to manually enter HTML tags into the standard text widget? This gives you a nice WYSIWYG to enter your text, images, and other awesomeness.
  • Easy FancyBox – Easy lightbox functionality on your images, videos, etc.
  • Google Analytics  for WordPress – Add your Analytics account to your WordPress site. Super easy to use. Also tracks events by default, downloads and can show or hide tracking code based on user type.
  • Login Lockdown – Help prevent brute force login attacks on your login page.
  • More Fields – Easily add custom meta boxes on your posts, pages or custom post types.
  • Quick Cache – Want to cache your site, take some load off of your database and speed up your site? Try this one out.
  • Timthumb Vulnerability Scanner – Plugin that will scan your themes and plugins for outdated versions of timThumb. Please use this ASAP if you haven’t already!
  • WordPress SEO by Yoast – Super easy and a great tool to manage SEO.

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