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Posted: October 25, 2012 at 3:19 pm, Last Updated: October 25, 2012 at 3:42 pm

Just a heads up: Kuma is out. You can download the theme from the Get Kuma page. Here are some details about the first official release:

  • Contains 2 homepage options: You can pick a static banner OR Nivo Slider for your homepage. Both options look amazing.
  • Faculty and Staff Directory: Kuma includes an option to turn on a Faculty and Staff Directory. Includes custom sorting for Alphabetical override, user defined employee roles (employees don’t have to be labeled as faculty or staff), sorting by the user defined roles (want to see only staff and not faculty?), head shots and bio.
  • Two widget color sets. Future color sets might be added, or create a child theme to expand on the current colors.
  • Automatic Columns: Don’t worry about 1, 2 or 3 columns. Kuma detects what content you want to display and picks the appropriate amount of columns for you. If you just want a single column (no Automatic Child Navigation or widgets), there is a Full Width page template that can always be applied.
  • Automatic Child Navigation: If a page has child pages, then Kuma will automatically generate the appropriate child navigation in the left column of applicable pages. This also works for grandchild pages as well.
  • Other features Kuma supports: Featured Images for posts and pages, 2 Custom Menus, Custom Footer, Social Media Icons, and both HiDPI and standard DPI CSS background images are included.
  • All code is managed publicly on the Kuma github page. Please feel free to fork the project and help out on the project!

Please note that this theme can be upgraded from the WordPress Dashboard (same procedure as upgrading plugins). Since the theme can and should be updated with each WordPress release, then you SHOULD NOT modify any of the Kuma theme files.

If you want to extend the functionality of the theme (for example, create a new page template), then please create a Child Theme. Creating a child theme is not very hard and makes the most sense for Kuma. However, if you just need to add a few extra lines of CSS, then please use either the Jetpack plugin (requires a account) or use the Improved Simpler CSS plugin. Using a plugin to inject aftermarket CSS will guarantee your custom CSS changes will not get overwritten in an update.

One last thing: Documentation. There is already a set of documentation found on the github page. It is not the best as of right now, however, it’s been currently being worked on. You should be able to spawn a site and set it up with the current documentation, however, look for better documentation coming soon.

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